“You cannot SOLVE the PROBLEMS of the old paradigm with old paradigm thinking. You must create a NEW PARADIGM that makes the old paradigm obsolete.”

- Buckminster Fuller

Warrior Training

Are you ready to get serious about what isn’t going right in your life and why you keep attracting the same situations and types of relationships? If so, then it’s time to smear on some war paint and get to work. Lisa is partnering with Jessica Alstrom for this program where you will be challenged to dive deep, get honest and discover the masks that are hiding the true warrior within. (8 WEEKS)


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As a student and teacher trainee under Jessica Alstrom, Lisa wanted to be able to offer her clients the opportunity to go through this program, designed and taught by Jessica Alstrom, with Lisa as a mentor, mirror and guide along the way.

Lisa personally experienced exponential growth as she went through the Warrior training and witnessed the clients that she has already coached through this program also make huge strides in their happiness, well-being, and ability to deliberately manifest.

Warrior Training is a deprogramming boot camp, where you will finally take your power back and access the kick-ass life you desire. Much like a physical boot camp, you’re not always going to want to show up; they’ll be some tears; and you may wonder why you signed up. But, also like boot camp, you have to stick with it to get the results and having a coach to hold you accountable, and hold space for you along the way is your best chance at not only finishing, but getting the most out of the program.

This program is going to take you fully quantum and allow your brain to go back to its ‘factory setting’ and your mind back to the neutral point of creation. It’s time to put on your war paint and get down into the trenches. This is eight weeks of finding and conquering the blocks that are in the way of a better, more joyful, and deliberately created life.

Included in the Program:

Access to Jessica Alstrom’s Warrior Program – Video Classroom (12 videos) and Weekly PDF materials ($197 value)

Eight weeks of 60-minute training sessions with Lisa ($1,000 value)

  • Week 1
    • Awareness (Part 1)
  • Week 2
    • Awareness (Part 2)
  • Week 3
    • Courage
    • Clearing Emotional Blocks for Good
  • Week 4
    • Relentlessness
    • The Echo Effect
  • Week 5
    • Outsmart the Unconscious
  • Week 6
    • Patience
    • The Ego and The Inner Child
  • Week 7
    • Compassion
    • How to Use Mercury Retrograde to Your Advantage
  • Week 8
    • Love

* Payment plans available upon request

** All sessions will be held over Zoom, Facebook Video Messaging, or WhatsApp.

2 reviews for Warrior Training

  1. Stephanie Forbes (verified owner)

    I struggled to write this review because of how important this work & training has been for me. It is deeply personal and by far the most valuable self-reflection and healing work I’ve ever done. Words cannot express the value and insight I’ve gained from doing the Warrior Training with Lisa’s guidance. But I’ll try and here is what I can say…

    For the first time, I’m learning to create healthy boundaries where there were none. I’m learning how to release self limiting beliefs. I am starting to see where my blocks are and where they stem from. I’ve been given tools to heal traumas from my childhood. My heart is starting to feel safe expressing itself. I’m coming to understand that everyone has the ability to heal and to make themselves happy – I don’t have to save anyone nor do I have to give my energy away, because I thought that was what love was. We all have our “stuff” and everything that I avoided because it was painful, was reflected back to me in my relationships, jobs, and reality so I could finally see it and heal it.

    In our first session, she asked me to share my story and I immediately welled up with tears. I felt loved that she wanted to “see me” and “hear me”. She created a space where I feel safe to show my emotions & give those feelings a voice. Sharing her own personal stories, helped me identify takeaways I couldn’t have doing the modules and worksheets alone. While I had already learned a layer of self love through meditation, diet, exercise, pampering…all the usual stuff you hear, going into the void and healing those dark places has been next level. It has been both painful and joyous, liberating and scary. For the first time in a long time, I’m starting to feel really excited about my life.

  2. Carolyn_shares (verified owner)

    Lisa has one of the purest, most loving hearts in the world, and it has been an absolute honor & blessing to be coached by her for the last 6 weeks. She has a wonderful reflective, all-accepting, sincere coaching approach. I am a highly sensitive empath and the qualities of her approach allow her to be an incredibly effective coach for me. I appreciate her gentle yet direct way of examining new ideas and supporting me with the work. She has really allowed me to practice the skills and develop a proficiency so that I can implement the skills on my own. The commitment to make healthy, sustainable change takes accountability and Lisa has made that such an exciting process no matter how challenged I may have felt by my unique lessons. This program really works, and if you’re ready for huge, positive shifts in your own experience, hold on to your britches! This information, and the ascension hacks, will enable you to quickly cut right through the thick of your deepest wounds & patterns, and in turn, leave you feeling stronger and more capable than ever. I’m very grateful for Lisa and her commitment to supporting others, while demonstrating and sharing her own experience of expansion in this ever-changing journey called life.

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