“You cannot SOLVE the PROBLEMS of the old paradigm with old paradigm thinking. You must create a NEW PARADIGM that makes the old paradigm obsolete.”

- Buckminster Fuller

Me, Myself & I

Do you want more from life? Are you tired of continuously falling short of your dreams and don’t understand why you just keep running into the same pitfalls? Join Lisa as she introduces you to your ‘Me, Myself and I’ and helps you unravel the mysteries to what is continually holding you back from greatness.  (6 WEEKS)


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This is a six-week coaching program to discovering your “Me, Myself & I”. Otherwise known as your Ego, Inner Child, and Higher Self. Lisa has discovered in her own journey into self that when you don’t know, or have an intimate relationship with all three aspects of yourself, it is hard to maintain control & power over the events, circumstances and emotions in your life. Lisa will spend the time in your sessions guiding you, holding space for you and being your mirror as you take a deep dive into the hidden, disassociated aspects of yourself and learn how to heal them through love.

Included in the Program:

Six weeks of 60 minute coaching sessions with Lisa ($750 value).

  • Week 1 – Become acquainted with all three of these aspects of yourself.
  • Week 2 – Take full responsibility for inner child and ego & begin to put your higher self in charge.
  • Week 3 – Learn to nurture your inner child and heal his/her wounds.
  • Week 4 – How to clear emotional blocks for good.
  • Week 5 – Learn to recognize and speak to your ego.
  • Week 6 – Create a symbiotic relationship amongst all three aspects of yourself.

* Payment plans available upon request
** All sessions will be held over Zoom, Facebook Video Messaging, or WhatsApp.


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