“You cannot SOLVE the PROBLEMS of the old paradigm with old paradigm thinking. You must create a NEW PARADIGM that makes the old paradigm obsolete.”

- Buckminster Fuller

The "I Am" Workshop

Have you been on the road to self-healing and discovery for a long time, but are still not feeling in complete control of your reality? If so, then it’s time to make the unconscious conscious and integrate your Higher Self into all seven chakras. Lisa is partnering with Jessica Alstrom for her most intense and comprehensive program yet. (9 WEEKS)



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As a student and teacher trainee under Jessica Alstrom, Lisa is offering her clients the opportunity to go through the ‘I AM’ Workshop program, designed and taught by Jessica Alstrom, with Lisa as a mentor and guide along the way.

The I AM Workshop is a very deep dive in inner realignment that brings us closer to fully living as our higher-selves—preparing us for what’s next in our becoming, individually and as a collective.

It’s not an easy task to move from the ego focus and behavior—your normal operating system for most of your life—to living as Higher Self. This process usually takes monks entire lifetimes to accomplish. But with advanced self-realization work and a solid intention, we can reclaim our bodies and minds, returning to the unlimited all-knowing instant-manifestation state of higher-self. Integration and healing are key. Working with the body to become our true selves takes effort, consistency, and laser focus.

Most of the work of this workshop is hidden from you in your blind spots—the aspects of your behavior and beliefs in which you are unaware. The subconscious can be seen consciously with basic present-moment awareness, and is easy to identify through your outside reflections. But the “UNCONSCIOUS You” is a deep dive below your thoughts, below your level of comprehension, buried in numbness, fatigue, and forgotten pain. Buried in your UNconscious is an operating system that is commanding your reality through programing just outside your focal point.

If you have taken the Warrior Training workshop then you remember the resistance you encountered in that workshop. You could have gone deeper in those exercises, but the resistance you felt was your ego bypassing your desire to go deeper. This is why it is recommended that you do not do this workshop alone.

The best way to find a true blind spot within yourself is to use a mirror, right? In this case, Lisa will be your mirror. She is ready to hold space for you, hold you accountable, and help you uncover your blind spots.

Included in the Program:

Access to Jessica Alstrom’s “I AM” Workshop – Video Classroom (12 videos), Meditations and PDF materials ($197 value)

Nine weeks of 60-minute training sessions with Lisa ($1,125 value)

  • Week 1
    • Deep Dive Into the Void
    • Deep Dive Into the I AM NOT
  • Week 2
    • Root Chakra-I AM TRAPPED becomes I AM FREE
    • Healing the Program Not the Problem
    • Meditation-I AM Higher Self
  • Week 3
    • Sacral chakra – I AM ADDICTED becomes I AM CREATION
  • Week 4
    • Solar plexus chakra – I HIDE becomes I AM THE EXAMPLE
  • Week 5
    • Recap of Weeks One through Four.
  • Week 6 
    • Heart chakra – I AM UNWORTHY becomes I AM LOVE
  • Week 7 
    • Throat chakra – I AM A FRAUD becomes I AM TRUTH
  • Week 8 
    • Third eye chakra – I SEE IN LIMITS becomes I SEE IN POSSIBILITIE
  • Week 9
    • Crown chakra – I AM CONTROL becomes I AM THE UNIVERSE

* Payment plans available upon request
** All sessions will be held over Zoom, Facebook Video Messaging, or WhatsApp.


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