"LOVE, TRUST and HEAL yourself first and then everything else will fall into place."

- Lisa Watson

Lisa Watson is a Quantum Life Coach, Intuitive, Healer through Light Language, co-host of the enLIGHTenUP Podcast and an Old Soul Empath. Lisa uses her skills of compassion and intuition to help others discover the magnificence that resides within them by facilitating an awareness of the self-limiting beliefs that are hiding beneath the surface. Through a lifetime process of pain, discovery, healing, observation, exploration, research and practice, Lisa has healed herself and, in the process, realized that being a coach and helping others heal their own lives was her deepest purpose and passion. As she puts it, “There is nothing that excites me more than helping people become their greatest selves. It is simply a process of awareness and recognition of the programs that limit us from being deliberate creators our lives”

Are you ready to change your life with Quantum Life Coaching? Are you ready to discover the healing properties of Light Language and Quantum Energy Healing? Are you ready to become a more Conscious Parent and create an incredible life for you and your children? If you are ready, then Lisa is ready to help you remember who you truly are and lead you to find the fulfillment you are seeking. SCHEDULE A COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION TODAY! 

Life Coaching

Work one-on-one with Lisa Watson to become a deliberate creator of your time, relationships, health, and money. Do you want to experience lasting joy? Let Lisa be your guide.

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Warrior Training
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Lisa has one of the purest, most loving hearts in the world, and it has been an absolute honor & blessing to be coached by her for the last 6 weeks. She has a wonderful reflective, all-accepting, sincere coaching approach...I appreciate her gentle yet direct way of examining new ideas and supporting me with the work...
Stephanie Forbes
Warrior Training
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It is deeply personal and by far the most valuable self-reflection and healing work I’ve ever done. Words cannot express the value and insight I’ve gained from doing the Warrior Training with Lisa’s guidance...For the first time in a long time, I’m starting to feel really excited about my life.
Framed Light Language
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Lisa did a beautiful light language transmission for me, and both the video and the written form were very impacting. The video and audio codes are profound, and the written codes, when I received them in person, were incredible...
Larry Koenig
Light Language Channeling
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I got a spoken light language and a written translation. It was soothing to listen to the light language and the written translation was right on the money...I would highly recommend getting a light language channeling from Lisa.
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Those who are born with extraordinary levels of perception—and with the passion to be of loving service in the world—often undergo arduous inner journeys through darkness into light on the road to becoming profoundly healing agents in the lives of other people. This has been Lisa Watson’s life path. In the process of finding greater peace and freedom—from painfully self-limiting beliefs and conditions—she developed the skills and compassion to help others heal their wounds and reveal their inner superhero.

Born with a high degree of sensitivity and awareness—into a family of dysfunctional parents, grandparents and older siblings—Lisa essentially had to ‘raise’ herself. The eighth child of a divorced, depressed and alcoholic mother, she recognized early on that the adults in her life were not capable of meeting her needs. Thus, she became her own caretaker while endeavoring empathically care for the people all around her.

Feeling abandoned and alone in the disconnected crowd that was her nuclear family, Lisa sensed a spiritual dimension behind the illusion of daily life. Over time, this awareness grew within her and she began deepening her understanding by immersing herself in the spiritual books and tapes that her father frequently sent her from the time she was 14 years old. “He was not much of a father,” she says. “But he taught me lessons that have been invaluable to my development.”

Lisa’s father would likely have been identified as an Indigo Child had he been born in a later generation. As it was, he felt like a misfit and struggled to find his footing in a world that did not recognize anything beyond the physical/material dimension. He was always on a mission to find the ‘key to life.’ And decades later, as the human potential movement gained momentum, he found what he’d been seeking in the works of leading teachers and shared them all with Lisa. These included The Course in Miracles(ACIM), books by Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, Barry Neil Kaufman and others—as well as the books of earlier teachers like Norman Vincent Peale, author of The Power of Positive Thinking.

Guided by the Divine
Lisa came to recognize herself as the creator of her own reality and saw that she could use her challenges as catalysts for her spiritual evolution. As her awareness grew and perceptions heightened, an apparition of the Christ appeared before her when she was 17 and advised her to move to Boulder, Colorado. She immediately did so and once again was spiritually guided toward her next step—which was to marry the man who became her husband for the next 25 years and the father of her two beautiful sons.

Lisa homeschooled her two children through 10th grade while also managing the household, navigating a difficult relationship, and maintaining a corporate job. In 2000, overwhelmed by stress and suicidal thinking, she had a nervous breakdown. Yet, still she maintained her many responsibilities while attending weekly counseling sessions.

Eleven years later, when her children were nearly grown, Lisa finally found her voice and insisted that her husband attend his own counseling sessions. After several years spent in counseling to help him better manage his anger and repair their unhappy relationship, Lisa and her husband parted amicably in early 2015.

Once liberated from the bondage of that relationship, Lisa reveled in her newfound freedom. She took this opportunity to say ‘yes’ to greater self-expression—including quitting her 27-year career with Nordstrom. She chose to switch into a real estate career and live life on her own terms. She traveled, shopped, dated and enjoyed herself as if she were 25 again. 

Lisa soon met Nicole Frolick, the woman who was to become her best friend and fellow traveler on the path to greater awakening. Lisa resumed the spiritual practices and explorations that she had put aside for so long while under the rule of her husband. And together, Nicole and Lisa started ‘The enLIGHTENup podcast’.

The podcast furthered Lisa’s explorations into numerous arenas including Quantum Healing, Hypnosis, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Numerology, Astrology, Self-Healing, Meditation, Reiki, Crystals, Oracle & Tarot Cards, UFO’s, ET’s, Parallel Realities, Inner Earth, and so much more as she and Nicole did weekly interviews with a wide variety of spiritual teachers and others on the journey of awakening.

A Sudden Change in Direction
In the spring of 2017 Lisa received a DNA activation from one of the many healers with whom she was working at the time. On May 26, 2017 on a first date with Brian—the man who would become her second husband and the ‘skeptic’ on her podcast—Lisa began spontaneously ‘speaking in tongues,’ which is also known today as ‘Light Language.’

This spontaneous, unstoppable outpouring of completely incomprehensible syllables was a first-date first for Brian and caused him great concern. However, it was clear to him that Lisa was in a state of bliss as this incomprehensible language of the stars poured through her. So, though he wondered what he might be getting into, he could not walk away. 

Over the next six months, the joy and peace continued for Lisa—along with the ‘glossolalia’ and a variety of spontaneous hand gestures. This unexpected activation was impossible for her to control, and its unpredictability made it impossible for her to work. So, Lisa gave up her job in real estate and set out on a 2-year sabbatical. 

As an instrument for energies she did not understand, she sometimes found herself walking up to total strangers to speak the healing language that was pouring continuously through her. Finally, after approximately six months, she gained a degree of mastery over the powerful healing energy that had taken over her life—so that now she could use it at will rather than being used by it.

A New Beginning
One of the guests that Lisa, Nicole and Brian interviewed on ‘The enLIGHTENup Podcast’ was Jessica Alstrom, creator of the Transcendence International Consciousness Academy.Impressed by what she heard and saw, Lisa joined Jessica at her Quantum Revolution Tour. She subsequently enrolled in Jessica’s practitioner training program and dove deep into a greater level of learning and healing.

As she explains, “I came to see that the few layers of the onion that I had uncovered through my healing work back in 2000-2005—and again during 2017 & 2018—were only a portion of what needed to be healed. Jessica took me to a whole new level of healing and liberation.”

As Jessica did for her, Lisa will do for you. She will walk side-by-side with you; honor your unique experiences and purpose on this planet; be the example; be accountable; and invest in you so that you can invest in yourself and fulfill your greater reason for being.